M8.5 Lab 8 Remix and Report- Personal Data Project Homework Help

M8.5 Lab 8 Remix and Report Project Help

For the Remix and Report portion of Lab 8 you will complete your Personal Data Project (PDP) report and presentation. Your preliminary work on the PDP was done in the two Rehearse sessions. As in previous labs, there is a worksheet for your reproducible report in your Lab 08 RStudio Cloud workspace.

You will complete your analysis following the process we learned in previous labs: 

Explore the data and identify the variables
State the Null and Alternative Hypotheses
Generate replicates
Calculate summary statistics
Visualize the resulting p-value and confidence interval
Draw conclusions

As discussed in our Module 8 Lab Rehearse, we will let R do the heavy lifting. In the Remix you will again be editing code chunks previously encountered in the Rehearses to generate new visualizations and statistics and answer related questions.

You will then create an HTML report, download it from RStudio Cloud, and submit it per the instructions below. Or if you hit a snag trying to create the .html file, you may submit your R markdown file showing the work you completed.

Additionally, you will create a short 3-minute (target duration) video using a video creation program (free one recommended but you may use one of your choosing)

This assignment is expected to take the typical student about 120 minutes to complete (excluding the time needed to create your slides and video).

I just need to the power point slides i will provide all information

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