Describe how theories of speech and language development explain the emergence of communication

Main Question: Describe how theories of speech and language development explain the emergence of communication.

Your essay should include information on an overview of speech and language development (detailed information about speech and language milestones is not required); theories of language development; how the theories of language development (linguistic generative/nativist approach, linguistic interactionalist approach, behavioral learning theory, cognitivist learning theory, and social constructivist learning theory) explain language acquisition/communication development.

  • Please include the central tenet/s and important terminology associated with each theory and critically analyze each theory in-terms of strengths and limitations.
  • Please provide a clear conclusion on how communication emerges based on the facts and reasons provided in the paper; the facts and reasons should be supported with a variety of *references (at least four in addition to the lectures and required textbook) cited and included in the references using APA format.
  • References should be peer reviewed journal articles and/or textbooks (some suggestions for searches: Google Scholar; ENMU Golden Library)
  • Word limit: 2000-2500 words (excluding references). Student will receive reduced grade for not meeting/exceeding the word limit (1 point per 100 words less or more).
  • Submit the paper as a Microsoft Word document (.doc/.docx) or pdf in a typed format. Hand-written submissions/pictures will not be accepted. 
  • Font type: Verdana; Font size: 14-point; Spacing: Double space; Number the pages 
  • Include your name in the paper for identification.
  • Please refer to the essay paper rubric for specific grading details. 
  • Follow the APA (American Psychological Association Publication Manual, 7th Edition) format for in-text citations and references page.

You may use the resource below to get information on APA-7 rules regarding in-text citations and references.

Purdue Writing Lab. (n.d.) Apa style introduction//Purdue Writing Lab. Purdue writing Lab. Retrieved September 18, 2022, from APA Style Introduction // Purdue Writing Lab

Note: The paper will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. Once you submit your assignment, you will receive the results of plagiarism check. You may choose to make corrections accordingly and resubmit before deadline. As a general guideline, a similarity score of 24% or lower will be considered just acceptable. A plagiarized assignment will receive zero points. Please refer to the Academy Integrity Policy for information on Plagiarism.

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