Global Civil Society Organizations

This Module considers the role that Global Civil Society organizations play in addressing major global challenges.  For this essay assignment, you will choose an issue area and write an essay that compares and contrasts two major Civil Society organizations.  Choose one of the issues (chosen issue = Humanitarian).  Next, choose two organizations from the list and visit their official websites (Chosen Organizations = 1. Red Cross 2. Action Against Hunger). For each organization, read the ‘About’ pages, news releases, and descriptions of ongoing projects and activities.   Also, look at if they have any job postings available.  

Global Civil Society organizations play in addressing major global challenges Essay

In an essay of at least three full double-spaced pages, answer the following questions.  

First, briefly describe each organization.  What is their primary mission?  What goals do they have? Based on our textbook, would you classify it as an NGO, a TAN, a Social Movement, a foundation, or is it a combination? How do you know?  Where in the world are they based?  In what parts of the world do they operate? If they are hiring, describe at least one job posting that they have, including job responsibilities and the desired qualifications.  

Second, what strategies and approaches does each organization use to advance a cause and push for change?  Does it focus on information politics, symbolic politics, leverage politics and/or accountability politics?  Identify all that you observe and give an example of each. Explain how you can tell.  If you feel they do not use a particular strategy, explain how you came to that conclusion as well. 

Third, based on what you can tell, how effective and successful is each organization in addressing their mission?  Explain why you think so for each.  Do you think any of the criticisms of civil society discussed in the textbook could be applied to either organization?  Explain why or why not and be specific.  

This essay should be double spaced with Times New Roman 12-point font and one inch margins.  It should include a works cited page using Chicago citation style, using the Author Year format, with in-text parenthetical citations.  Be sure to cite the websites for each organization discussed. For more guidance on using Chicago style, please visit this page. 

This essay should be your own work and should be original to this course. All submissions will be evaluated using the Turnitin Originality check, so be sure to correctly cite all sources and quotations, and to put ideas into your own words.  AI-generated content is prohibited. 

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